Program overview

Check the program so that you know where and at what time your Masterclasses and Workshops start, doing this you won’t miss out on anything! Make sure you be on time for the grande opening in the Beneluxzaal.

NOTE: Your ticket can mention a different area than the routing.

  • ‘Multifunctionele zaal’ is the same location as ‘Sport centre’
  • ‘Parkzaal’ has been changed to ‘Zaal 56’


The Grand Palace, Treasure Cave, Arabian Market and Sultans Lounge leave nothing to the imagination… Where exactly do you need to be? Check out the floorplan!


E-ticket or Les Mills Id

You can enter the event, the Masterclasses and the Workshops with your e-ticket or Les Mills ID-card. Please note: your e-ticket must be printed in order for it to be scanned.

Don’t have an e-ticket or Les Mills ID with you? No problem! Go to the ‘No-ticket desk’ in the Genderfoyer. Here you will receive your e-ticket, the costs are € 5,-.

Opening hours no-ticket desk
Friday | 1 PM – 7.45 PM
Saturday | 8.30 AM – 6.45 PM

Route & Parking

Address NH Koningshof
Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven
The Netherlands

Parking is free of charge and there is plenty of parking space available for everyone! When you arrive at NH Koningshof, the parking is already indicated with routing signs.

Les Mills Gift

Surprise! Something nice is waiting for you at the ‘Gift pick-up point’ in the Genderfoyer. We don’t tell you what it is yet, but don’t forget to pick it up. 😉

Opening hours no-ticket desk
Friday | 1 PM – 7.45 PM
Saturday | 8.30 AM – 6.45 PM

Dressingrooms & Showers

The dressing rooms for women can be found in room 22 and for men room 23 is available. The shower rooms will be mentioned in the routing at the venue.
Please note: there are no lockers, so try to bring a small bag.

Opening hours showers:
Friday | 3 PM – 8.30 PM
Saturday | 10.30 AM – 8 PM

Openingstijden douches:
Vrijdag | 15.00 – 20.30 uur
Zaterdag | 10.30 – 20.00 uur

Les Mills Clothing Store

Score the newest collection at the Reebok – Les Mills Clothing store! Do you already have a great outfit in mind?

Opening hours clothing store
Friday | 1 PM – 7 PM
Saturday | 8.30 AM – 6 PM

Free Massage Flexpower

Relax for a moment at the Flexpower massage stand in the Genderfoyer, whereafter your world will look even more magical!


  • Drink tea at the shisha lounge
  • Ride a camel during the rodeo challenge
  • Have a chance of winning great prices at Studion and FunXtion
  • Challenge yourself during the Les Mills GRIT challenge in the Arabian Bazar!Friday | 3.30 PM – 4 PM
    Saturday | 1.45 PM – 2.15 PM
  • Kick some ass together with the Boxing Company at the Arabian Bazar.
  • Wander around the Arabian Market and be surprised by the possibilities of BlackBoxPublishers, 2M Solutions and Theragun.

Arabian Night Party

On Saturday 27th October from 9 PM – 2:00 AM we close the event with the legendary Les Mills Arabian Night Party. Everyone is welcome! The ultimate celebration underneath a star studded sky. Dress up as an Arabian prince, a mysterious belly dancer or become a genie that fulfills wishes… The 3 most beautiful, enchanting, magical outfits win a wonderful prize!

See you at the wonderful Les Mills Megaquarterly | It is going to be magical, mind-blowing and epic…

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