It’s almost here… the Les Mills Megaquarterly; One Thousand And One Nights. We are so excited! The organisation of this event took a lot of effort, we have been working on it for over a year now. That ‘s why we love to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. What keeps us busy every day? Who is in charge of the entire organisation? We spoke with Jasja (Coordinator quarterly workshops, a.k.a. the Jacket). 

Jasja: “With events such as the Les Mills Megaquarterly we start a year prior to the event with the visualization. We didn’t have to think long about the location; NH KONINGSHOF here we come! Before we can create a suited program we calculate the expected number of people per program and how many days the event should take place. Experience is key, we always have a lot of brainstorm sessions with our marketing team in order to create the coolest theme(s)! After the selection of the (inter)national trainer TOP team, we can officially finalize the program.”

“After that, we process the program into our registration system where the marketing team gives it a cool look and feel, just like the invitation letters, mails and the website!”

“In the past weeks we have been particularly busy with cool stands, a real shisha lounge and other great activities to make your experience as complete as possible! Did you know that we have a team of more than 150 crew members working on this event? Including the staff of the office and CIOS students. Please let me give a shout out to the following departments; Finance, Marketing, Operations, Club Performance, Account Managers, Studion, the men from the warehouse and of course the management. Besides that, this event would not have been there without our great Trainer Team and Tribe Coaches. We are looking forward to it, we hope you too!

“Together with our audiovisual partner we came up with great ideas surround all participants per room in great sound and beautiful light. Actually, you better call it ‘Megaquarterly 2.0’ this year, the Benelux Hall has never been so spectacular! This week we are busy arranging 500 SMARTBARS and 150 BODY BIKES Smart +. We are also working on the Les Mills present for every participant (unfortunately I can’t reveal anything yet, but we are sure it will blow your mind).”

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Behind The Scenes: Part 1