It’s almost here… the Les Mills Megaquarterly; One Thousand And One Nights. We are so excited! The organisation of this event took a lot of effort, we have been working on it for over a year now. That ‘s why we love to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. What keeps us busy every day? Who is in charge of the entire organisation? We spoke with Brigitte (Head of Trainer Affairs, a.k.a. Bri).

Brigitte: “The trainers actually start one or two months in advance with the mental and physical preparations. Everyone needs to make sure they get in top shape and as soon as we receive the newest release (about 2 weeks before the event) we need to know the release by heart as soon as possible. It’s then a matter of ‘getting it into your head’ by repeating over and over again. Once we arrive at the Megaquarterly location, we first have a team training before the event will kick off.¬†We make sure that we know the lyrics, text, music, and what we are going to say at what moment. We need to be totally prepared for the moment we step on to that stage!”

“Basically, you can compare this preparation with those of top athletes. Take runners for example, they imagine just before the game how they will run; how does the track look like, how fast will they go, where to accelerate? It is the same for us, you visualize your place on stage and what you are going to do or say. After all, you want to create a world class experience in order to give the participants a lifechanging workout! It’s your time to shine! At this point, I need to connect all the dots and make sure that everybody is on the same page. The mental preparation plays a major role. I need to make sure everyone has a total focus and visualization of how to perform on stage.”

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